Make-A-Vampire Character Creation Helper


Character creation is a beloved, if not a favorite part of roleplaying for many Vampire: The Masquerade fans, but let’s face it – it’s never really quick, having to browse through the book to find everything you might’ve forgotten. There are multiple helpful tools and guides online created by our fans via Dark Pack or Storytellers Vault to simplify this process, and Demiplane is currently working on an officially licensed character creator as a part of their World of Darkness Nexus – but there’s never enough help, so here’s something that might be useful at your tables!

Make-A-Vampire contains everything you need to make a basic Vampire: The Masquerade character. Scroll down below to access it in different formats!

Downloads: All assets + editable PSD // PDF

What’s missing? The sheet doesn’t include Thin-Blood character creation (if you’re interested in that, let us know – the Duskborn deserve their own infographic, after all!) and Oblivion Ceremonies you can find in VTM: Cults of the Blood Gods. We’ve also picked a limited array of Merits, Flaws and Discipline powers to simplify the choice – you can find more content, including many Loresheets you can use as your backgrounds, in our books!

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