Vampire: The Masquerade Jam 2022 Results!


For the second year in a row, our celebratory Month of Darkness has been prolonged with a month-long jamming through November – Vampire: The Masquerade Jam 2022!  The competition gave (un)life to 28 games of many genres, from isometric RPG to dating sims. Today, it’s time to announce the three equal winners, picked by the World of Darkness team.

Sunset Chronicles – Sin City Blues

Isometric RPG set in Las Vegas where we begin as a completely fresh vampire, slowly carving a path in the dark world surrounding us.

Rat Rhapsody – A Waning Crescent Game

“Love and politics are always uneasy bedmates”. A twist on a dating sim theme where you play as a Nosferatu navigating Camarilla court, trying to form alliances to find out the truth behind your lover’s betrayal.

Bitter Nights: Case of the Bleeding Hearts

Classic noir meets Vampire: The Masquerade in this crime story where we play as Malkavian investigator navigating the local politics and alliances to find the truth about the local serial killer.

There were many more games we loved in this jam, and the competition was fierce! We recommend everyone to check out other titles through the Jam Library and pick your personal favorite.

Winners, apart from the monetary prize and access to the whole World of Darkness 5th Edition digital library, will receive a chance to release their games through World of Darkness Unbound royalty-free until September 2023.

We hope to jam with you again in the future, and thank you to all participants!

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